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Snow Days
February 4th, 2011 12:49 PM
     Snow days are an interesting phenomenon in Oklahoma.  We don't get them enough to prepare for them on an annual basis (Ahem, Mr. Cornett, are you listening?), but they come frequently enough to avoid being the real life rarity like the folks in Houston and Austin are having today.  

     Everyone deals being stuck at home differently.  Most of us start off the same way; the laundry gets done, and the house is clean.  We cook a few tasty and warming dishes and then leave the kitchen spotless.  Its fun to hunker down, batten the hatches and be at home for a while.  Even the prep, going to the store, getting firewood, collecting the supplies can be a good time, at least for me.  I am, after all, a man, and we men like to prepare for stuff.    But then what?
     Being at home for a day or two, or three, or four... can teach us things about our homes and the way we live in them... or the way we'd like to.  Does the prospect of staying in your home for a couple of days generate a sense of dread?  Are you secretly annoyed as you sit there, day after day looking at the walls?  Maybe your home needs a makeover, or maybe (yes I'm a Realtor, wait for it) you need a new home.  If you hate where you live, don't live there anymore.  We can fix that.

     This last week or two has been the first winter event we have experienced in our new house, and leading up to the Snowpocalypse I wondered how my new home would weather the storm.  Both the part nature dished out, and the one my family would create being here for a week in a row.  Without boring you with details, I am thrilled.  The fireplace is larger than I realized and works very well.  There are plenty of different living spaces so people can kind of take their own area once the togetherness wears thin, and we have so much food storage I feel like someone that has read too much Stephen King.  Once the cabana gets finished, there will also be one more escape hatch when tempers flare.  

     So, how has your week been?  Can you work at home efficiently if you have to?  Are you close to the services you need?  Is there room for everyone to hang out and have fun, maybe even when you add a friend or two?  And the big question... when you sit and look around, does it make you feel warm, happy and proud?  Do you like where you live?  You should. We spend too much time, effort, and MONEY on our homes for them to be places of dread and loathing.  If you don't like it, sell it!  Find someplace that you can be glad about.  Naturally, I'd love to help, and when we find the right home for you, the difference you feel, day to day will be like a weight off of your shoulders.  Thats not right.  It won't be a relief, it will be a revelation.

     I wondered how my recent move would affect our family.  We had devolved into a family that was always in the car, always hurrying off to someplace else.  I got so tired of hearing myself say, "Gotta go!" that it was rubbing me slick, and I wasn't the only one.  My kids were frazzled, I never saw my wife and we never had time for anything but running on empty.  Then we moved.  It has been like a new life.  Everything we do is within a minute or two.  Activities are something we want to do rather than a chore to be endured.  Anyway, it has been a great thing for us.  More family time, less stress and a happier family.  

     Naturally our move was right for us.  We loved our old neighbors, and our old house was great.  If we could have put the whole cul-de-sac on casters, I would have brought it along.  You have to do what's right for you and your family, so think about it objectively.  Could a move make your life easier, happier, better?

     Let your home bring a smile to your face.  If it doesn't, lets change the house, and if that won't work, lets change your address.  It will change your life... for the better.  Stay warm, friends.

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